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One of the reasons why we added Pai to our Northern Thailand travel trip was stories about good food.

The town is small but somehow manages to have nearly every type of cuisine and plenty of restaurants to choose from, including several vegan restaurants and dozens of variations of superfood smoothies. Food culture is similar to Koh Phangan but just half of the price.

I have created a list of our favourite cafes and restaurants, where you can have the best coffee or nice dinner in Pai.

Earth Tone

Their menu is very different in a good way, it took us quite a long time to choose from all of these interesting foods. Their chef is definitely very creative, as I have never heard of some of the ingredients in their popular herbal shakes.

Everything in the menu is vegetarian, local and organic. Earth Tone also has a small shop next to the café where you can buy fresh juices, kombucha, freshly baked bread, homemade ice cream, cakes etc.

I tried their Buddha bowl and herbal shake (apple, cucumber, mint, moringa powder, black rice powder, lime, coconut).



Ganita Café

Vegan/vegetarian café, restaurant and bakery. They serve food for everyone’s taste, inspired by culinary cultures from all over the world – smoothie bowls, Thai and Indonesian cuisine, salads, burgers, Mediterranean food, bagels and vegan cakes.

I tried their falafel hummus plate which tasted so good that I had to go back the next day.



Fruit Factory

They have western menu with steaks, salmon, sandwiches and so on, but we went there for breakfast and tried a smoothie bowl. If you like smoothies and smoothie bowls you should visit the Fruit Factory – one of the best I can say. The variety is big, something for everyone.

Website: Fruit-Factory


The Pedlar

Nice coffee shop and café located in the center of town. Menu is small, but there’s still something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. Ingredients are local from Thai farmers and all breads are baked in-house.



Om Garden Café

The busiest café in Pai. We went there 3 times and on each occasion it was completely crowded. No wonder why – the portions are huge, super tasty and low prices.

They offer breakfast, lunch and a wide selection of fresh shakes. I ordered white fish with brown rice, avocado salsa and salad. The quality was beyond expectations and the portion was so big I managed to eat a little bit more than half of it. This meal with fresh mango smoothie was only 180 THB (5€).



I Love U Pai Café

Café with views over the mountains. We didn’t try food but they have nice coffee and a chilling area with swing-chairs outside on the balcony.



Coffee in Love

Café close to I Love U Pai. Both of the cafes are facing towards Pai mountains which give nice views over the valleys. They serve only coffee, tea and cake. Another place to chill after a day trip and have a drink.



Charlie & Lek

Our favourite restaurant from Pai and the best Thai food I have ever eaten. They serve from farm to table – everything is simple, yet so good.

Usually I can’t eat Thai food every day, the greasiness makes me a little bit sick if I eat those curries too often. I am not sure what ingredients make Thai food creasy, maybe coconut cream or fish sauce? Charlie & Lek foods didn’t have that ingredient in their food, even the Phad Thai and Khao Soi were so light.

Meals are in-expensive, I can't believe we ordered 2 superfood shakes and 2 meals for 260 BHT (7€)!

I highly recommend this place, the food has so many good flavours and cooked to perfection.



Silhouette By Reverie Siam

Romantic restaurant located in the Reverie Siam Hotel in the Pai valley. They offer a wide range of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, featuring Tapas with a wide wine selection and different Thai dishes.

We had quite a romantic dinner there: ambience was cozy, food was great and service was on point – 10/10.



The Blue Ox

The Blue Ox is open all day, providing tasty breakfast options including homemade jams, fresh yogurt, and made-to-order eggs or when you fancy an American classic dinner with their popular steaks and ribs.

We tried their rib-eye steak and margarita cocktails. Food quality was good and service was quick. They also have occasional live music.



Pai Siam Bistro

Lots of different options for food and cocktails. One of the few restaurants that has an international and local menu and does well in both. Nice place to have dinner with live music.

I really like their option of half pizza half salad.



Romance Another Story in Pai

It is located about 4 km from Pai town, in the middle of the fields and mountains.

Little café at the farm offers coffee, tea and cakes. Take your time there, relax and enjoy the views.

Besides the Café they offer accommodation and walking around the farm you can see horses, lambs and other animals.

Website: Romane-Another-Story-in-Pai


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